ACHA 2017 Meeting Theme: Igniting Innovation

ACHA section program planners, who will select presentations for the 2017 annual meeting, have been encouraged to collaborate with other ACHA membership sections and coalition chairs to choose programming that reflects the meeting theme, “Igniting Innovation,” which is also the special focus area of our annual meeting. In addition to selecting programming relevant to the diverse issues impacting college health professionals and students, planners will seek:

  • Programming that includes a focus on innovative and progressive strategies that advance the health and wellness of our campuses through health promotion approaches, public health leadership, clinical and therapeutic practices, collaborative care delivery models, or administration.
  • Research-driven, creative, and interdisciplinary opportunities that challenge, empower and inspire attendees.
  • Programming that addresses identified “practice gaps.” Proposals should articulate clear objectives and demonstrate how learners will gain knowledge, skills, or strategies as a result of participation.

ACHA 2017 Annual Meeting Goals

Consistent with ACHA's mission of advancing the health of college students and the campus community, we, the members of the association, gather at the annual meeting with invited guests to:

  • Identify ways to increase knowledge, update professional skills, and incorporate evidence-based guidelines and standards into college health practice in the following areas:
    • Assessment and planning
    • Health promotion
    • Clinical care
    • Mental health services
    • Leadership development
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration and exchange of ideas among college health professionals, students, and leaders in higher education.
  • Discuss programs and environments that enhance health outcomes for college students and campus communities.
  • Describe the effect of diverse cultures and experiences on the health of individuals and communities.
  • Identify ways to integrate college health programs with the missions of the institutions we serve.
  • Discuss ACHA's role as a national advocate for policies that have a positive impact on the health of college students and campus communities.