News and Updates

We are excited to welcome you to SCHA's 2018 Annual Meeting, March 14-16, 2018! This will be a wonderful time to connect with colleagues, learn innovative ideas and best practices and discover emerging trends in college health. 

Meeting Evaluation and Continuing Education Credits

For those returning from the meeting, here are the instructions for submitting your feedback and requesting CE credit. Your comments will help the Program Planning Committee prepare and plan sessions and events for next year’s meeting in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Attendees who wish to receive continuing education credits must complete evaluations for those particular sessions.

(If you are seeking continuing education for nursing or counseling, evaluations forms were provided at each session and should have been returned to the registration desk onsite.)

Deadline for completion: April 8, 2018

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Join Your Colleagues at the Opening Reception!

Join us Wednesday evening at the SCHA 2018 Opening Reception 6:00-9:00 p.m. at Riverbanks Zoo & Garden.

Shuttles will leave the Marriott hotel beginning around 5:30. More information will be available at conference check-in.

Programming Updates

We’re pleased to announce the following keynote speakers:

Wednesday March 14

Supporting the Health Journey in Collegiate Learning Communities
through Inclusion, Diversity and an Emphasis on building Human Capacity
Cory Bradley, MPH/MSW

Thursday March 15

Understanding Pain, Opioids, and Addiction
Don Teater, MD, MPH

We are also thrilled to announce that a team from the ACHA Leadership Institute, including ACHA President Michael Huey, will present part I of the first core course of the ACHA College Health and Wellness Professional Certification (CHWP) program. This is open to all attendees even if not yet enrolled in the CHWP program.

About the SCHA Conference

The University of South Carolina is proud to be the host for the 2018 Southern College Health Association Conference and to welcome everyone to Columbia, our Famously Hot city (a.k.a. Soda City). This year’s conference is held March 14-16, 2018 at the Marriott Columbia downtown.

The primary goal of the 2018 Southern College Health Association Conference is to provide innovative educational and professional development opportunities for college health professionals from a variety of disciplines. Attendees will benefit from the opportunity to share best practices, compare benchmarks, learn new techniques and technology in health care, and discuss challenges that affect the health and well-being of the college student using open forum, lecture, discussion, and debate.

The 2018 SCHA Annual Conference invites speakers from college and university student health programs across the southeast and southwest to share their knowledge and experience with their colleagues. It provides an open forum for discussion and debate. This sharing of ideas gives attendees a chance to bring innovation back to their own health centers and improve the quality of care that is provided to their patients.

We would like to hear from you: medical providers, health educators, nurses, administrators, psychologists, pharmacists, counselors, social workers, registered dietitians, nutritionists, and all other health professionals. We are striving to offer a broad variety of continuing educational credits to meet your needs.

Meeting Venue

Columbia Marriott
1200 Hampton St
Columbia, SC 29201