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NEW! 2018 Annual Meeting CE Package

  • Did you miss the 2018 Annual Meeting?
  • Did you know that ACHA now offers 22 hours of CNE credit?

Bring 97 educational sessions from the 2018 ACHA Annual Meeting to your campus! The complete set of sessions is available for download. All but two of the sessions are synchronized audio/visual MP4 files. Two sessions are audio only due to speaker preference.

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*This program is free to download.
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Building Strong Collegiate Recovery Communities: Integration and Synergy Between Counseling Services, Health Services, and Health Promotion** 

CME: 1.0   CHES: 1.0   MCHES: 1.0   PsyCE: 1.0

College Health as Public Heath: Beyond the Flu Shot**

CME: 1.0   CHES: 1.0   MCHES: 1.0  

Concussion Management: From Return to Learn to Return to Play** 

CME: 1.5   

Do You Have the Right Tools in Your Tool Box? Grant Funding*

CHES: 1.5   MCHES: 1.5

Educating and Engaging Students in Self-Care of Minor Illness and Injury through a Self-Care Station** 

CME: 1.0  CHES: 1.0

Effective Health Promotion Strategies for Working with the Transgender Student Population**

CME: 1.0   CHES: 1.0   MCHES: 1.0

Enteroviral Meningitis Outbreak: A Case Study of a Coordinated Response in Support of the College Health Center**

CME 1.0  

The Gender Affirming Therapist: What You Need to Know to Meet the Needs of Trans College Students*

CME: 1.5   CHES: 1.5

Health Promotion Hot Topics: Advocating for Health Promotion - Perspectives From Campus Decision-Makers Who Have a Health Promotion Background**

CHES: 1.5   MCHES: 1.5   

Hot Topics: The 5 Ws of Evidence-Based Practice for Health Promotion Professionals**

CHES: 1.5   MCHES: 1.5

Integrating Vision Into Action (VIA) Into Professional and Program Development Strategies*

CHES: 1.5   MCHES: 1.5

Is Third Party Billing the Answer?**

CME: 1.0  CHES: 1.0  MCHES: 1.0

Marketing a Campus Health Center: Lessons Learned from Years of Experience**

CME: 1.0  CHES: 1.0

A Meningitis B Tabletop Exercise: The Santa Clara University Experience*

CME: 1.0   CHES: 1.0   MCHES: 1.0  

Mind the Gap: How college health services can use assessment to identify health disparities, health inequities, and barriers to accessing care*

CME: 1.0   CHES: 1.0   MCHES: 1.0

Refresh Sleep Program: A Cognitive Behavior Therapy Online Sleep Program’s Impact on University Students**

CME: 1.5  CHES: 1.5

Resilience and the Student Experience: Building Grit and Perseverance in Our Students**

CME: 1.5  CHES: 1.5  MCHES: 1.5

Sleep Success! Using ACHA-NCHA II Data to Identify Need, Build a Campaign and Create Measurable Change for Students** 

CME: 1.0  CHES: 1.0

Understanding Student Distress and Academic Success** 

CME: 1.5   CHES: 1.5   MCHES: 1.5   PsyCE: 1.5

Using Logic Models to Develop and Assess Health Education and Promotion Programming*

CME: 1.5   CHES: 1.5   MCHES: 1.5

What Makes a Good College Health Center: The Students Perspective** 

CME: 1.5  CHES: 1.5  MCHES: 1.5

What's Happening in College Health: An Update from the ACHA Benchmarking Committee** 

CME: 1.0  CHES: 1.0

Working to the Top of Your License: Modernizing Nursing Protocols with Evidence-Based Practice** 

CME: 1.5