Congratulations, Certified CHWPs!

Please join us in congratulating the following colleagues who have successfully completed the College Health and Wellness Professional (CHWP) program.*

Melissa Baron, MEd, BSN, RN, CHWP
Westminster College

Eric Barron, MS, CHWP
Towson University

Sheena Burgreen, MPS, BSN, RN, CHWP
University of North Alabama

Kathy Carstens, BSN, RN-BC, CHWP
Davidson College

Valerie DallenbachRN, BSN, PHN, CHWP
Southwest Minnesota State University

Jean DeDonder, PhD, CHWP
Kansas State University

Kristina Blyer, DNP, RN, NE-BC, CHWP
James Madison University

Heidi Freeman, PhD, CHWP
University of the Sciences

Julie Gibbs, MPH, CHWP
Kansas State University

Ashlee Gill, FNP, CHWP
Arkansas State University

Amy Guidera, MSN, BSN, CHWP
Belmont University

Jessica Hahne, BA, CHWP
Montana State University-Billings

Stephen Irvin, MPAS, CHWP
Wake Forest University

Andrew Jones, MA, CHWP
University of Houston, Campus Recreation

Scott Jones, MS, CHWP
Bryn Athyn College

Megan Katt, RDN, LD, CHWP
Kansas State University

Karina Knutson, RDN, LRD, MPH
University of North Dakota

JoAnn Kosik, MHA, PA-C, CHWP
King’s College

Lisa Marx, MSN, CRNP, CHWP
Washington College

Emily Matson, MPH, MCHES, CHWP

University of Minnesota

Sarah Menefee, MPH, CHWP
The College of William and Mary

Catherine O’Neil, MD
Bucknell University

Sara Parris, MHA, CHWP
Iowa State University

Heidi Peterson, BSN, MSN, CHWP
Minot State University

Charlotte Petonic, MEd, CHWP
University of Alabama

Erica Phillipich, MA, CHWP

Michigan State University

Mark Rowe-Barth, MAE, CHWP
Iowa State University

Jaime Sharp, MS, BSN, CHWP
Lehigh University

Libby Skiles, EdD, MHA, CHWP
Gonzaga University

Joel Schwartzkopf, PA-C, MPAS, CHWP
Colorado State University-Fort Collins

Shannon Suffoletto, MA, CHWP
DePaul University

Sarah Templeton, MSN, BSN, CHWP

Biola University

Scott Tims, PhD, CHWP
Tulane University

Kristin Traskie, MPH, CHWP
Michigan State University

Ann Trevellini, BSN, MSN, CHWP
Carnegie Mellon University

Brian Vanderheyden, MEd, CSHE, CHES, CHWP
Iowa State University

Rita Wermers, MSN, CHWP
Arizona State University

Katie White, Med, CHWP

Towson University

Jennifer Wiseman, MS, MSN, APN-C, CHWP
Rutgers University

Todd Zoltan, MD, JD, CHWP


* as of January 26, 2020