History and Development

Healthy Campus 2030

Plans are underway for Healthy Campus 2030. Please stay tuned for news and announcements.

Healthy Campus 2020

Healthy Campus is often referred to as the “sister document” to Healthy People, and much of the development process for Healthy Campus 2020 was guided by the Healthy People framework.

Healthy Campus 2020 was a result of a multiyear process that reflects the thoughts and perspectives of 600+ diverse higher education professionals representing multiple professional organizations and disciplines. In particular, the American College Health Association’s (ACHA) Healthy Campus Coalition* provided leadership on the research, planning and writing of Healthy Campus 2020.

Very early in the research process, the Healthy Campus Coalition determined that Healthy Campus 2020 needed to be more than a set of objectives but rather a toolkit to assist higher education professionals in implementing initiatives that could have a lasting impact on their entire campus community.

The following lays out the various steps the coalition has taken to develop the most comprehensive and user-friendly version of Healthy Campus:

  • Beginning in 2007, members of the Healthy Campus Coalition stayed abreast of Healthy People progress and, when possible, participated in the development process including attending regional meetings, making public comments via the website, attending a public meeting of the advisory committee in Washington, DC, and participating in more than 20 public advisory committee meetings. All of this time and effort helped to ensure that Healthy Campus 2020 is not only a helpful tool for higher education professionals but also true to its origins in Healthy People.
  • In 2009, the Healthy Campus Coalition invited more than 25 higher education professional organizations to participate in the development of Healthy Campus 2020. Through these efforts the Healthy Campus Coalition made lasting connections with National Intramural Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA), American College Personnel Association (ACPA), the BACCHUS Network, and National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA).
  • In 2009, the Healthy Campus Coalition conducted a survey of ACHA members to determine the ways in which campuses were using Healthy Campus 2010. This survey collected feedback from more than 380 different institutions. This feedback has guided the development of the Healthy Campus Action Model and ten MAP-IT Worksheets .
  • In December of 2009, Healthy People announced the topic areas that would be used to organize the Healthy People 2020 objectives. At the 2010 ACHA Annual Meeting, the 100+ individuals that attended the coalition’s presentation participated in a nominal group process to rank and narrow down the 42 Healthy People topic areas. Participants were asked to rank the topic areas based on relevance and importance for a college campus community. This collective ranking along with the rankings submitted by coalition members led to the final topic areas used in Healthy Campus 2020.
  • During 2011 the Writing Group, a subgroup of the Healthy Campus Coalition, began the writing process of the student and faculty/staff objectives. The proposed objectives were made available to the Healthy Campus Coalition for public comment and review. After many edits, the objectives became final in April of 2012.

The Healthy Campus Coalition drew on the diverse backgrounds and expertise of its coalition and writing group members as well as lessons learned from previous Healthy Campus efforts. As a result of these outstanding relationships, Healthy Campus 2020 has evolved into a comprehensive set of resources and tools to help institutions of higher education.

*The Healthy Campus Coalition was formerly known as the National Health Objectives for 2020 Coalition; the name was officially changed in July 2012.