Archived Webinars on Healthy Campus 2020

Implementing Healthy Campus 2020

(Part of the ACHA Webinar Series; online continuing education credit available.)

January 29, 2013
Presenters: Michelle Burcin, PhD, MPH, MCHES (Walden University) and Allison Smith, MPA (New York University)

Healthy Campus 2020 includes national health objectives for students and staff to create healthier campuses using an ecological approach. This program will guide campus professionals through the Healthy Campus framework and discuss methods to better serve our communities in the quest for improved health outcomes. The first 30 minutes will include an overview of Healthy Campus. The next 60 minutes will include a discussion of how to implement Healthy Campus and the steps involved in the MAP-IT framework. Presenters will provide practical tips and considerations for implementing a Healthy Campus initiative, such as selecting the target population(s), organizing a coalition, prioritizing issues, building partnerships, and measuring change.

The Art and Science of Coalition Building

(Part 1 of the Healthy Campus Coalition/Health Promotion Section two-part webinar series on coalition building)

March 28, 2013
Presenters: Nikki Brauer, MS, CWPM, COEE (Illinois State University), Jane Croeker, BSSW, LWS (University of North Dakota), and Joy Himmel, PsyD, PMHCNS-BC.LPC (Penn State University-Altoona)

The “art” of coalition building involves careful consideration of the establishment of team members who can engage and sustain meaningful planning-to-action in meeting healthy campus objectives. Determining who these key stakeholders are, what triggers their motivation, seeking and attaining high-level administrative support, assessing your campus culture, the importance of diversity, and the unique differences within institutions of larger or smaller enrollments are among worthwhile components to crafting coalitions. This webinar will share best practices, lessons learned, and “landmines” to avoid when considering a coalition to address healthy campus objectives.

Presentation slides in Powerpoint format [10MB ppt file]
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Using Environmental Management Strategies within a Coalition

(Part 2 of the Healthy Campus Coalition/Health Promotion Section two-part webinar series on coalition building)

May 7, 2013
Presenters: Lisa Currie, MSEd (Northwestern University) and Eric Davidson, PhD, MCHES, CSADP (Eastern Illinois University)

Creating widespread change on complex issues such as high risk alcohol use and sexual violence requires a multidimensional approach and sustained effort. An effectively designed coalition can provide the unified leadership required to create real change at the individual, campus and community levels. Dr. Eric Davidson and Lisa Currie will present information on how building your coalition’s efforts around environmental management strategies, data collection, and current evidence-based strategies will support a sustained and successful coalition effort which shares responsibility, resources, risk and rewards.

Presentation slides in Adobe Acrobat format [4MB pdf file]

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